PD-1 inhibitors for NSCLC: Future challenges, future potential

 LECTURE   09/2020

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1. Welcome and Introduction
Tony Mok


2. PD1 inhibitors for NSCLC: Where are we now?
Tony Mok


3. One molecule, many mechanisms of action: Why all PD1 inhibitors are not the same
Raffaele Califano


4. How will the new wave of PD1 inhibitors change the treatment landscape in NSCLC?
Anne-Marie C. Dingemans


5. What is the impact of PD1 inhibitors for NSCLC in your clinic? A case study discussion
Tony Mok AND Anne-Marie C. Dingemans


7. Exploring the promise of emerging PD1 inhibitors in NSCLC
Giorgio Scagliotti


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