Exploring the changing landscape in Waldenström’s macroglobulinaemia: How will emerging BTK inhibitors alter patient outcomes?

 LECTURE   08/2020

This independent educational presentation was developed from the TouchTALK KOL Interview with Dr Tedeschi (ASPEN investigator), and covers the latest findings in second-generation BTK inhibitors for patients with WM.
Dr Tedeschi addresses three main topics about the use of BTK inhibitors in WM treatment, and provides data from the phase 3 ASPEN study and differentiation from Ibrutinib and Acalabrutinib. The main topics are as follows:
1.      Second-generation BTK inhibitors for patients with WM: What is the potential for improving outcomes?
2.      Maximizing outcomes for patients with WM: Adverse events associated with second-generation BTK inhibitors
3.      Using BTK inhibitors in clinical practice:  How is the landscape changing?


This TouchTALK presentation is an independent educational program developed by TouchOncology, supported by a BeiGene educational grant.


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